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There is no ‘best time’ to visit the Galápagos Islands!

The Galapagos Island

When thinking about the best time to visit the Galápagos Islands, it is truly a year-round destination! This remote location off the coast of Ecuador has both a dry and a rainy season, both of which offer unique benefits and a variety of wildlife. Even though the peak travel months are July, August, and late December, the weather forecast is comfortable regardless of which season you go because temperatures are relatively steady.

The warm and wet season is generally January through June, with daytime temps of 80-90 degrees. July through December is considered the cool and dry season, with air temperatures still at an average of 70-85 degrees. This makes activities like exploring the national park, taking nature walks to see volcanic formations and colored sand beaches, and having wildlife encounters enjoyable no matter which month you go! 

turquoise waters of the galapagos island

With water temperatures of a refreshing 70-76 degrees year-round, it’s easy to take advantage of the numerous water-based activities like snorkeling and kayaking as you enjoy exotic marine life and beautiful turquoise waters. The best way to decide which season is the best fit for you is to contact us to talk through your options! 


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