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The FAQs

  • What are the entry requirements for Ecuador?
    Most visitors can enter Ecuador without a visa for <90 days. No paperwork required; just your passport. However, make sure its expiration date is at least 6 months from the end of your trip! Ecuador does not require proof of Covid vaccine or yellow fever.
  • What is the weather like?
    The weather is comfortable year-round, without a drastic fluctuation in air or water temperatures. January - June is the warm & wet season with daytime air temps of 80-90 degrees (F). July - December is the cooler & drier season, with air temps of 70-85 degrees (F). Water temps range from 70-76 degrees.
  • Is travel insurance required? (Watch below!)
    Ecuador requires visitors to carry health insurance with international coverage but seldom enforces it. We recommend a travel insurance policy with medical & emergency evacuation coverage as well as standard cancellation coverage. A good policy usually costs about 5-10% of your total trip budget.
  • Why hire a travel designer? (Watch below!)
    Travel designers are experts in a certain geography who have personally vetted hotels, drivers, yachts, restaurants, guides, etc. Their expertise and contacts lead to a more custom, tailor-made trip for you, often at a lower price compared to self-planning. And they save you tons of time!
  • Will I need to sign waivers?
    Yacht operators will require each guest to sign a Waiver of Liability form before starting the cruise.
  • Are children allowed on the yachts? (Watch below!)
    Children over the age of 6 are generally allowed, however, keep in mind that Galápagos cruises are active in nature, schedules are regimented, and yachts don’t have much space for children to safely play. Also, the ages of guests skew older…and tranquility is a big draw of luxury yachts!
  • Is there access to medical care and facilities?
    Because of the remote location of the Galápagos, medical care on the islands is limited. Acute cardiac or surgical care and those with serious illnesses must be evacuated to the Ecuadorian mainland. Yachts have first aid kits and guides are well-trained in wilderness first aid.
  • Are there mobility issues and/or physical considerations to keep in mind?
    Each day’s itinerary offers numerous land and snorkel/dinghy excursions so physical activity should be expected! Most nature walks are limited to 1 to 2 miles but the terrain (like lava fields) can be tricky to navigate. Life aboard a yacht may invite motion sickness, “sea legs,” or lightheadedness. However, don’t let this deter you - the islands are very popular for people of all ages and abilities!
  • Will I have access to wifi?
    Most yachts do not offer internet access and cellular coverage is only found near shore of the major islands, so you should plan to have a blissful, unplugged retreat!
  • When is the best time to visit the Galapagos?
    It truly is a year-round destination! Each season boasts its own wildlife highlights, which can be found here.
  • What is the advantage of chartering a yacht? (Watch below!)
    If you are traveling solo or in a small group, we find you available space on a yacht and you’d join other passengers for that cruise. If you have 16 people in your group and thus need the whole yacht, it can make sense to charter it. The average price/person would be slightly lower, we can hand-select your guide, and the crew will treat you even better as the atmosphere is more collegial with a group who knows each other. You can’t change the itineraries but there is more freedom to extend excursions, evening briefings, etc.
  • What is the price of a trip?
    The ballpark cost of a yacht-based trip is about $1,000/pp per day, including the yacht, flights from Quito (booked by yacht operator), park fees, meals, excursions, guide etc. So, a 5D/4N cruise is roughly $5,000/pp in double occupancy.
  • What are your refund policies?
    Each yacht operator has its own policies but in general, if you cancel more than 6 months out from cruise date, you will get an 80-90% refund. After full balance is paid 90 days out, no refunds are offered. But you can change dates.
  • Is fishing allowed? (Watch below!)
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